This category is available to passengers not in any other category.Standard
One child under five years of age not occupying a seat, and accompanied by an adult fare-paying passenger, will be carried free of charge. Any additional child or children under five years of age, accompanied by the same adult, and all children aged 5 to 15 years inclusive will be carried at the 30% Discount Fare unless stated otherwise.Child
Available to holders of the following cards: Euro 26 card, Scottish Youth Hostel Association Card and Edinburgh Pass. A valid card must be shown to the driver prior to boarding the coach and be available for inspection at all times during the journey. Holders of approved cards receive 20% off Standard fares.Discount
For Senior fares to/from Northern Ireland select Discount passenger type
Only valid to holders of the Scottish Executive Entitlement Card.Elderly/Disabled
Only valid to holders of the Young Scot Card who are aged between 16 and 18 years old.Young Scot
(16-18 Yr Old)